About Us

About Prizm Books 

Prizm book provides great mainstream and LGBT stories in all genres. This includes science fiction, horror, contemporary and historical. In today’s world, youngsters reds books which can be relatable to them. Therefore, we generate a variety of books that can help the community to grow, live with pride, and journey towards self-care.  We aim to encourage teenagers who are struggling with their confidence and emotions. It has been a survey that most of the teenager get victimized by bullies suffers from confidence and pride issue. Our books motivate the readers to explore their imaginations and gain confidence. We create for best outcomes when it comes to the social cause and gaining positive responses from teenagers and young people. 

We welcome young readers to come and explore the books and find the best one for them! 

Specially curated, handpicked books from all genre.

With over 3 decades of experience, Prism strives to bring to you the entire store at your doorstep.

Specially curated, handpicked books from all genre will be home delivered with utmost care, to any address in India. Customer experience is our top priority.