The Suicide Year


by Lena Prodan
 125 / Words: 46700
ISBN: 978-1-60370-583-7, 1-60370-583-X
Genre: GLBT, Contemporary
Age Rating:Edgy Young Adult
Ebook zipped file contains: html, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, prc
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Being a military kid isn’t easy. Every year might mean a new school and new friends. But staying in one place is just as hard when a girl doesn’t even fit in with the outcasts. How many secrets can she hold inside, especially when they’re tearing her apart? A crush on a girl at school, bouts of depression, suicide attempts, and fear of life beyond high school are enough to push her to the edge.

The one person she trusts with her secrets abandons her when she desperately needs a friend. Her lifelong dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail is yanked out of her grasp just before it comes to pass. The girl she likes hooks up with a boy. Her father blames her for her mother’s mental illness. And she’s afraid she’ll be outed to her parents. Desperate to escape, she plans the perfect fail-proof suicide, ready to leave all of her problems behind. But as she’s going through the ritual, she finds a savior in herself.


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