Water Seekers


by Michelle Rode
 159 / Words: 55500
ISBN: 978-1-60370-483-0, 1-60370-483-3
Genre: GLBT, Urban Fantasy
Age Rating: Young Adult
Ebook zipped file contains: html, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, prc
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Nuclear devastation is the past. The need for water is the present. Can they survive to find a future?

I watch the sun coming up on my right as I walk. We’ve only got about three hours now before it gets too hot and we have to stop. We’ve learned not to leave it too long, learned not to wait until the last minute to put up our tents and hide within their dubious shelter. The sun will kill you if you let it.

Better to lose daylight, lose marching time, than to get stuck in the full sun. Of course it’s not much better in the middle of the night either. We have to stop and get set up before it gets too cold. The night will kill you if you let it.

Zara talks about what it was like before — how their days used to be based on being up when the sun was up and sleeping during the night when it was dark. It’s just another one of the differences between then and now. She’s the oldest of us, she tells us about the differences, about how they used to do stuff. A lot of it is really crazy, but I guess that’s natural. I guess that’s why it happened.


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