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Reading books is magical and when it comes to fiction books, it takes the reader to another world. Since childhood, we have been listening to and reading stories in our school, home, and grandparents. It has always been a good escape from this world.  A good book always helps a person to grow mentally and achieve a better understanding of living. In this technically transforming world, people are getting distorted from the world of Reading books. But with Prizm books, you can feel the colorful world around you and get a broad spectrum in terms of fictional, romantic, LGBT, fantasy, horror, adventure, etc. Reading these books will educate, inspire, empower and create awareness amongst the readers. Regardless of the fact that you are inside or outside the LGBTQ community, the Prizm books will positively expand the imagination of the reader.

Why start reading Prizm Books Today?

From long ago, reading has been a way to heal, console, find peace, self-care, and most importantly grow your knowledge. Nowadays, the Internet has taken over books. People prefer to explore google rather than reading books. However, it is always believed that “What you can find in books you can never get that content anywhere!”

Therefore, for commuting to today’s generation, E-books have been in trend. Prizm books also allow the readers to get E-book for their favorite books. We prefer great quality and exclusive readings for passionate readers. Prizm books have a wide range and broad categories when it comes to choosing the books. 

Some of the Prizm books best-sellers are mentioned below-

  1. Bitcoins Jaggery
  2. A death in sweden
  3. Jane Eyre’s Story
  4. A shot to the heart
  5. Pink slip of souls

Benefits of reading a Book- 

Wondering and manifesting daily about reading a book but end up watching Videos instead?

Committing to oneself seems like a hard job but no worries, with Prizm books you will be so motivated to explore your boundaries and try something interesting. As wide as our range is, we have explored vast topics regarding Sci-fi, romance, and fantasy. If you are the one who feels anxious, depressed, and bored with your basic life, then come explore the Prizm books. You will definitely find many books which will immediately boost up your mood and gives you positive energy. 

Few things to justify why you should start reading right now- 

  1. Reading Books (Specially fictional) improves brain function
  2. It helps to reduce stress
  3. People reading books every day increase their state of mind
  4. Reading people gains empathy and have higher self-esteem 
  5. Studies have shown, reading improves wellness. 

“Although there are numerous benefits of reading, you must be aware of a few to just get started.”

Confused about what to Read? 

Prizm books got your back!! 

To begin with, decide your mood and choose between the following…

  • How are you feeling today? 
  • Are you having a bad day or a good day? 
  • Are you missing someone or you are angry at someone? 
  • Do you wish to explore the unrealistic world or do you feel like reading something that relates to your situation? 
  • Have you been reading daily or you are just a beginner? 
  • Do you believe in fairy tales or you are someone who believes in ghosts? 

Answer these questions for yourself and decide the book you wish to read. Picking the best choice is not possible because different people have different choices about life. So, whatever you choose, it must be best for you. No judgments required!!

Our Motive 

Prizm books have always believed in respecting the choices of the people and that’s what motivated us in dealing with such books which is not limited to one personality type. It is for every person out there, to explore, and read the next-level stories. We focus on young readers and make it possible for teenagers to approach us and buy books that can help them identify their desires and choices towards life. As everyone is different from one another, How can anybody decide the choices and decisions for others? So, We tend to publish books by great authors who have explored the world, have a lot of experience, and wish to inspire the young one to follow the path of their heart keeping their mind stable. These books will surely freshen your mind. Also, you can move towards the path of self-healing as reading fictional books is the optimum choice to release all the stress from your body and live with pride.